Why OnStar

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With OnStar, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that no matter where you go, you'll always have someone looking out for you.

OnStar is all about making sure that you get the help you need, whenever you need it. Whether you’ve been involved in a crash, locked out of your car, or even if you’re just looking for directions, OnStar can be there to help. And with a host of great services that keep you connected and take the hassle out of driving, OnStar is the perfect combination of safety, convenience and value.

Check out these services that OnStar can provide for you and your family.

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OnStar Services

No matter where you’re headed, OnStar can help keep you safe, connected and ready for the road ahead. Here’s what your OnStar service plan can do for you.


The Help You Need, When You Need It

OnStar has connected with more than 7 million drivers in an emergency — even those who couldn’t call for help themselves. Find out how OnStar can help you.


Help Protect Your Vehicle from Theft

If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar can work with authorities to help get it back. Find out how Stolen Vehicle Assistance1 can give you peace of mind.


Stay in Touch While on the Go

With Hands-Free Calling4 and an available built‑in Wi‑Fi® hotspot,5 you can stay connected. Here’s how you can keep in touch with those closest to you while using OnStar.

Vehicle Manager

Maintain and Manage Your Vehicle

Car trouble can be aggravating, costly and time-consuming. But OnStar can help keep you informed about your vehicle’s health and performance and identify potential issues that could land your vehicle in the shop.6 Here’s how OnStar can help keep you on the road.