5 Things You May Not Know About the Connected Car

Posted on July 19, 2017

Boy using iPad standing in front of red Chevy truck.

Nowadays, cars with internet access and navigation systems seem to be everywhere. You may think you know all there is to know about connected cars, but here are five things we bet you didn’t know an OnStar-equipped vehicle can do:

1. Keep you out of car trouble

With Proactive Alerts,16 your vehicle can predict potential issues and send you alerts via email and/or text so you can get them handled before they become a problem. And if your vehicle needs service while driving, push your blue OnStar button and ask our Advisor for a diagnostics check15 on the spot and directions11 to the nearest dealership.

2. Schedule its own checkups

Whether it’s time for your vehicle’s 60,000-mile checkup or a simple oil change, your OnStar-equipped vehicle can take care of the details, emailing its own diagnostics report to your Dealer so they can contact you to set up a service appointment.15

3. Call for help if you can't

In this true story, an OnStar Member was driving along Interstate 77 in Troutman, N.C., when he ran off the road and 400 feet down a steep embankment. He was knocked unconscious. Built-in sensors in the vehicle automatically alerted OnStar of the crash, and when the Member didn’t respond to the Advisor’s voice, the Advisor directed help to the Member’s exact location. David Tomlin, firefighter with the Troutman Fire & Rescue, said later that he didn’t know how long the Member would have been in that ravine before someone found him. That’s how OnStar Automatic Crash Response7 works — and it has helped save many lives.

4. Give driving feedback that can potentially save you money

The way you drive can improve your vehicle’s overall performance, reduce wear and tear, and enhance fuel efficiency — and it can potentially save you money on your car insurance. OnStar Smart Driver17 gives you feedback to boost your driving skills, and can help you find out if you're eligible for potential insurance savings of up to 30% with participating providers.

5. Show where your OnStar-equipped vehicle is

OnStar Family Link®20 enables you to have peace of mind knowing your kids’ progress on the road without distracting them with phone calls. Family Link uses GPS to give you unique access to the location of your vehicle. You can log in to view the vehicle’s location on a map, and you can set destination alerts to receive text and/or email notifications when your vehicle arrives or departs. You can also specify boundaries and receive text and/or email alerts if your vehicle crosses those boundaries.