7 Ways OnStar Can Save Your Summer Vacation

Posted on June 28, 2017

Luggage with stamps on the road.

It’s a sunny Saturday morning. You’ve managed to jam the suitcases into the car. Your kids are happily ensconced in the backseat. You’ve got coffee in hand. What could possibly go wrong? Well, we do have the list, but fortunately, you have OnStar, which means you’re in for a worry-free trip. Here’s how we’ll be there for you, whatever awaits you along the highway.

Pink icon with 3 cars.

Traffic jam? We’ve got your workaround.

It happens on just about every road trip. At some point, you find yourself smack-dab in the middle of rush hour as you’re passing through a major metropolis. That’s when your blue OnStar button comes in handy. You push it, and your Advisor provides an alternative route11 to get you moving again.

Black triangle icon with gas pump.

Low fuel? We’ll help keep you running.

You’re out of the big city, and now that low fuel warning light is on — just as you’re at the midpoint of what appears to be the continent’s most deserted stretch of highway. You push your blue OnStar button, and your Advisor directs you to the nearest gas station. You relax knowing that if you can’t make it that far, OnStar can arrange to bring fuel to you.8 For future trips, learn how to get the most out of the fuel you have by signing up for OnStar Smart Driver, which can provide driving feedback to help enhance fuel efficiency and potentially qualify you for insurance savings17 to help you save money.

Green icon with stick figures.

Bored kids? We’ve got your game plan.

It’s often one of the earliest complaints you hear from your vehicle’s nether regions: “I’m bored!” The initial excitement of your trip has waned, and you realize — this could be a long ride. Fortunately, your vehicle’s built-in OnStar Wi-Fi® hotspot13 (if equipped) can connect up to seven devices, making it ideal for family road trips. You challenge your kids to research your next destination, then make a mental list of other things to keep them busy: they can compete with each other in trivia contests, take turns streaming improvised road-trip playlists, update social media with the pictures they take along the way and much more.

Dark blue icon with compass.

Lost? We’ve got directions.

That irresistible tourist attraction your oldest child found took you a few miles off the beaten path, and now you’re turned around and not sure which way to go. No problem. You push your blue OnStar button, and our Advisor directs you. And if you need more attractions down the road, our Advisors can help there too — our database includes more than 14 million points of interest.

Orange icon with traffic cone.

Wondering how your car’s running? We’ll check it out and connect you with help if you need it.

You’ve got directions and you’re back on the road. That’s when you get that nagging feeling that it would be just your luck if all was not well under the hood. The good news is, you’ve already signed up for Advanced Diagnostics,15 which helps keep your vehicle ready for the road, monitoring key features of your vehicle and sending you a monthly diagnostic report via email. To be safe, though, you push your blue OnStar button and ask your Advisor to run a Diagnostics check. The check identifies no problems, which is good to know — it’s also good to know that if you had an issue, your Advisor could send Roadside Assistance8 to get you and your vehicle to the nearest dealership. Now it’s time for a quick stop for supper.

Light blue icon with medical plus sign.

Medical issue? We’re ready to help.

Your youngest child really enjoyed that restaurant meal. It so happens that your youngest child also has numerous food allergies and one problematic ingredient must have been in that meal. When she complains that her throat is itchy, you waste no time and push your red Emergency button. The certified Emergency Medical Dispatch Advisor talks you through the necessary steps and provides pre-arrival medical instructions until first responders arrive to assist.

Blue icon with bed.

Sleepy? Rest easy.

Between getting lost, the car trouble and the food allergy issue, you’re behind schedule. The city you’d hoped to reach today will have to wait until tomorrow. You’re exhausted. You need to find a place to stay — and fast. Fortunately, whether you’re hungry, thirsty or sleepy, Marketplace has you covered. You push your blue OnStar button and ask our Advisor to find and book a hotel room for you. Your Advisor checks your location and finds accommodations for you, just 15 minutes up the road. Your room is booked, you have directions and you’re on your way to a restful night. Sweet dreams. Hopefully tomorrow’s leg of the journey will be a little less fraught with hiccups. Either way, if you need us, OnStar will be here for you.