A Matter of Perspective: How Kids and Parents See Halloween

Posted on October 26, 2017

Animated Halloween gif

The magic and mystique of Halloween tend to affect kids and adults a bit differently. For kids, Halloween is the day when their imagination can run wild. For most adults, the capacity to get lost behind a mask, look ridiculous in a wig and feast on fun-size sweets tends to fade as the responsibility of parenthood sets in.

While these two groups often view things a bit differently, there is no greater difference between how kids and adults perceive reality than on October 31.

Parents: Bad weather


The one day of the year that the kids actually want to spend hours walking around the neighborhood and it has to drop down into the 40s and rain? Of course.

Kids: Good weather


There is no such thing as bad weather on Halloween. If it’s clear, there’ll be more kids out, which makes it more fun. If it’s rainy and cold, it’s creepier — awesome! Plus, more candy for me!

Blue SUV


A space explorer and a honeybee — which, until recently, resembled their children — pile into the SUV. The adventure begins! Moments before, mom did a rundown: Full tank. Windshield wipers working. And after a push of the blue OnStar button, the Advisor ran an On-Demand Diagnostics check.15 Ready to go!

Blue spaceship


The Mission: Jump in the USS Intrepid (the fastest ship in the galaxy), go door to door to gather as much candy as possible from the alien empire and make it back to HQ safe and sound. Like Doc Brown said to Marty McFly: Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Parents: Nice house


As the SUV pulls up to a house, parents immediately survey the whole situation. OK, the house looks well lit. But is the sidewalk wet? I’ll keep an eye out as the kids head up to the door. Oh wow, they have really nice window treatments.

Kids: Scary house


Bushes rustle in the wind as the sound of chimes send chills down spines. Awnings loom. A fence creaks. Is someone staring at me from the upstairs window? Wait … do they have full-size chocolate bars?!

Scary clown


Please tell me this is some sort of joke. Are you some kind of monster? What are you going to do with that bowling pin? Are those your real teeth? Why are you so scary?!

Silly clown


Can you tell me a joke? Can you make me a balloon animal? Are you going to juggle those bowling pins? Is that your real nose? Why are you so silly?

Parents' view of candy


At the end of the night, as pumpkin-shaped buckets are emptied onto tables, parents run the numbers. How much was that costume? What did we spend on candy? Have we met our dental deductible for the year?

Kids' view of candy


Tonight’s the night! Chocolates, chews, suckers and who knows what other sweets await. All I need is a costume and those three magic words, and the candy is ALL MINE.

OnStar logo


Whether it’s running an On-Demand Diagnostics check, navigating a new neighborhood or getting Roadside Assistance,8 OnStar is there for parents on Halloween. And if the older ones are going out to costume parties, parents can use OnStar Family Link®20 to check the location of their vehicle and receive notifications when teens reach their destination safely.

OnStar logo pumpkin


While kids may not think much about the blue button, OnStar is there for them too, helping to keep them safe on Halloween — and the other 364 days of the year.