The Voices Behind the Button

An OnStar Advisor’s role is not one-size-fits-all.

Pushing the OnStar button doesn’t just connect you to an Advisor; you’re getting Jatavia, who is trained to help you in an emergency. Or Keith, who has proprietary tools to help find your stolen vehicle. Or Corinthian — he knows just how much data you and your device-loving passengers need.

In fact, we have more than 10 different Advisor specialties at OnStar. So you’re not just hearing a voice — you’re speaking with someone who enjoys lending a hand, and is specially trained to do so.

Select an Advisor above to learn more about them and how they can help at the push of a button.

the Call


Meet John Lester

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Instead of reminiscing about what his parents taught him, John made a career of it.

Meet Brenda Coffey

Sales Team Lead

The helpful nature of a small-town upbringing is something Brenda has shared with the entire OnStar community.

OnStar in one word

There are a lot of words out there, and we made Advisors choose just one.

Best part of being an Advisor

See what it is that OnStar Advisors enjoy most about their job.

There’s a saying that if you do what you love, you’ll love what you do. It sounds fanciful, but it’s what motivated many Advisors to answer the call for OnStar.

A love for community, a desire to help, the need to pay it forward — these are reasons why some Advisors choose to work here. Whether instilled in them by their parents, learned in church, or realized through a personal experience, their passion for helping is strong and doesn’t stop when they take off their headset.

Meet some of our Advisors who believe being able to count on someone you don’t even know is the most powerful form of the human connection.

Emergency Advisors

Knowing the person on the line is looking to me for help keeps me calm in the chaos.



Connecting you to help

When you hit the red Emergency button, or when Automatic Crash Response is triggered,1 you’re connected to a specially trained Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Advisor who is qualified to provide verbal medical assistance. To become EMD-certified, Advisors go through four weeks of training, complete monthly tests and get recertified every two years.

Jatavia Ibo, an EMD Advisor for nine years, didn’t think twice about getting certified. “I come from a family of helpers. When I graduated high school, I started with in-home nursing, then nursing, and then I wanted to help more people from behind the scenes.”

EMD Advisors are trained to deliver CPR instructions, calm someone during a panic attack, and help someone control bleeding. They can even help coach the delivery of a baby (a skill that’s come into use more than once).

“We stay proactive so we’re ready for any call at any time,” says Ibo. “We quiz each other and I have the EMD protocol books at home. When a call really sticks with me, I study at night. I want to always be at my best.”

A Day with Emergency Advisors:


Automatic Crash Responses


Good Samaritan calls


Total Emergency calls

Security Advisors

Our goal is to always put our Members at ease. I tell myself to put on my customer’s shoes and company’s hat for every call.


Stolen Vehicle

Recovering what’s yours

Stolen Vehicle Advisors are uniquely equipped to help authorities locate your vehicle when it falls into the wrong hands. With access to GPS technology, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® and Remote Ignition Block,™2 these Advisors play an invaluable role in vehicle recovery.

And while recovering your stolen vehicle is rewarding, Keith Ortlieb, a Stolen Vehicle Advisor for two and a half years, enjoys the follow-up call the most.

“The majority of customers have never been in this situation before, and they don’t expect to see their car again. So when I get to tell them it’s been located, they say, ‘Are you serious? Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ I love it because I have a passion for helping people. It’s a good feeling at the end of the day.”

A Day with Security Advisors:


Total calls

3 p.m.

Busiest time of day

Remote Ignition Block

Most used feature


Common theft location

Member Advisors

I try to feel what my customers are feeling. My job isn’t done until they have what they need.


Customer Loyalty

Connecting you to more

Most blue button pushes connect you with our Member Advisors. Handling more than 200 calls a day each, our Advisors can provide you Turn-by-Turn Navigation,3 run a Diagnostics check4 on your vehicle, book you a hotel through Marketplace,5 send you Roadside Assistance6 and more.

When you enjoy talking to Members all day, it’s easy to take your work home with you. Christine Hanna, a Customer Loyalty Advisor, admits, “My 8-year-old daughter has woken me up at night telling me that I’m talking to customers in my sleep. I guess I really enjoy what I do!”

You can also push the blue button to add on more Hands-Free Calling7 minutes, change your monthly plan or sign up for Add-On Plans such as OnStar Family Link.®8 For Christine, it’s about more than signing you up for a service. “I tell people that as an Advisor, I guide and protect our customers. Sometimes that’s just by letting them know what services they have and educating them on how to use them.”

A Day with Member Advisors:


Total calls


Calls per Advisor


Routes delivered

Welcome Call Advisors

I like to ask the customer, “So how do you like talking to your vehicle?”



Getting you started with OnStar

Welcome Advisors always seem to have a smile on their face. In fact, some of them earn nicknames for it. “I’m known as the smiler. I can’t help it. I love how excited customers are when they’re signing up.” That’s Corinthian Johnson — or Corey to his callers. He’s one of the many Welcome Advisors who activate service in new and used OnStar-equipped vehicles.

When an owner pushes the blue OnStar button for the first time, they are connected to an Advisor like Corey for a short introduction about services and their OnStar trial. New Members can set up their payment information and purchase data and Hands-Free Calling minutes right away too.

So what do new customers love most? “People are shocked when they find out they have an in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot,9“ says Corey. “And they get really excited about navigation because it’s hands-free.”

A Day with Welcome Advisors:


Total calls


Calls per Advisor


Average call length (in seconds)

Bilingual Advisors

I have gotten calls from delivering a baby to unlocking the doors so a man could save his pet fish.



Speaking your language

There is one department that is trained to do it all — Bilingual Advisors. Providing both Spanish and French translations for customers, our Advisors are ready to help with anything from emergencies to directions to billing to stolen vehicles, and more. As soon as a French- or Spanish-speaking Member is on the line, a Bilingual Advisor is connected to the call and jumps into action.

Not knowing the nature of the next call isn’t the norm for an Advisor. But for Ramon, a Spanish Advisor for three years, it keeps the day interesting. “I like not being in just one department. I am EMD-trained, know the stolen vehicle systems, and can route people out of traffic jams. It’s nice to provide so many solutions for people.”

A Day with Bilingual Advisors:


French Advisors


Spanish Advisors


French calls


Spanish calls

Technical Assistance Advisors

I love giving the best news to the customers. I get to tell them I fixed it, and here’s how I did it.



In touch with technology

Millions of people rely on OnStar technology every day. So if a Member experiences an issue with Hands-Free Calling activation, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, or on-demand diagnostics, or receives a mobile app error message, an OnStar Technical Advisor can help resolve the issue. Trained to take care of the system’s software and hardware, the Technical Advisors aim to solve the problem with the customer on the line, or call them back if more research is required.

Stacey Saunders has a lot of curiosity and love for puzzles, which makes her a perfect fit. “I started in activation, but I always asked a lot of questions about how things worked, so they transferred me,” says Stacey. “Now I get to meet new people and deliver the good news that we fixed whatever issue they were having.”

A look at OnStar technology:

0.0 million

4G LTE-connected vehicles

0 million

Monthly mobile app requests


Monthly door unlocks

0.0 million

Advanced Diagnostics enrolled

  1. Visit for vehicle availability, details and system limitations. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Not all vehicles may transmit all crash data.
  2. Services vary by model and conditions. Visit for vehicle availability, details and system limitations.
  3. Requires ABS and Guidance Plan or Navigation Plan Add-On. Visit for coverage map. Services vary by model.
  4. Capabilities vary by model. Visit for details and system limitations. Message and data rates may apply. Requires active OnStar service, email address on file and enrollment in Advanced Diagnostics.
  5. Valid offers can vary. Check Marketplace through the vehicle mobile app for latest offers.
  6. Roadside service provided by Allstate Roadside Services.
  7. OnStar Hands-Free Calling requires an existing OnStar service contract and available minutes. Not available in certain markets. Visit for coverage map, details and system limitations.
  8. Services vary by model and conditions. Vehicle must be equipped with newer OnStar hardware which varies by model. Blue Button Press or call 1.888.4ONSTAR for vehicle availability. The OnStar Family Link service locates OnStar-equipped vehicles, not people. Available to active U.S. OnStar service plan Members only. Federal, state and local taxes and other service charges may apply.
  9. Available Wi-Fi requires compatible mobile device, active OnStar service and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T. Visit for details and system limitations.