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Road Trip Hacks

The more you take road trips, the more road trips you’ll take. Especially when you know handy tips and tricks that simplify your journey. Since OnStar has a knack for connecting travelers to what they need, we partnered with Camp Trend to show you some clever hacks you can use as you venture across town or cross-country.

Have the Option to Camp Out
Road Trip Hack 1

Camp Out

Have the Option to Camp Out

Grab your camping gear and sleep under the stars. You’ll save on lodging and be able to truly experience the places you’re traveling through.

Open OnStar Tips

Not the camping type? Use Marketplace1 to get special rates at hotels.

  1. Push your blue OnStar button
  2. Ask the Advisor to reserve a hotel room near you
  3. Let Turn-by-Turn directions2 guide you there
Road Trip Hack 2

Eat Well

Eat Well on the Road

Drive past the drive-through and enjoy a more memorable (and more delicious) meal while on the road. By packing everyone’s favorite snacks in mason jars, your food stays fresh, there’s little to no mess, and you can eat it anywhere you like.

Road Trip Hack 3

Go Off Script

Freshen Up

While plotting your route, leave wiggle room for taking the back roads. It’s scenic and less crowded. When you’re ready to head back to civilization, Turn-by-Turn Navigation can show you the way.

Open OnStar Tips

Turn-by-Turn Navigation can lead you to endless destinations and over 14 million points of interest.

  1. Press your blue OnStar button
  2. Give the Advisor the address or name of your destination
  3. Follow the voice guidance
Road Trip Hack 4

Freshen Up

Freshen Up

Create your own air fresheners by adding a few drops of scented oils to clothespins and clipping them to your vent. A fresh car is a happy car.

Road Trip Hack 5

Use Space Wisely

Eat Well on the Road

Space is at a premium during road trips. Attach bungee netting to the handles above the doors to utilize headspace while you’re not driving.

Road Trip Hack 6

Share the View

Get Lost

Road trips are full of shareable moments. Use your in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot3 to upload pictures, video chat with loved ones or live-stream your journey.

Open OnStar Tips

Connect to your world from wherever you are with the OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot.

  1. Go somewhere beautiful
  2. Connect up to 7 devices to the in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot
  3. Upload, stream or video chat to show off your surroundings
Road Trip Hack 7

Wash Your Clothes

Have the Option to Camp Out

Use the motion of your vehicle to wash clothes while you travel. It’s a simple way to pack less and smell better.

Road Trip Hack 8

Stay Organized

Get Lost

Let the magic of fastener tape help keep you prepared. Add a strip to commonly used travel items such as pens, notepads, tissue packets and even toys, and stick to easy-to-access places such as the ceiling or floor mats.

Open OnStar Tips

If you misplace, let’s say, your car, you’ll need more than fastener tape. Use the Vehicle Locate4 feature in your vehicle’s mobile app5 to see where you parked.

  1. Select your vehicle’s mobile app on your smartphone
  2. Choose the “Parked Location” tab and enter your PIN
  3. See your vehicle on the map

Camp Trend

They’re outdoors enthusiasts who love being on the go so much, they made a life of it. The crew at Camp Trend left their jobs and decided to live on the road doing what they love: camping and inspiring the world to give it a try too. You can follow along with them as they travel the U.S., living their motto to “pack as much into this life as we can.”