Good for Business

Posted on February 8, 2013

The words Good For Business illustrated against a blue sky with clouds and a small plane, a suitcase and a notepad

Michelle Murphy says OnStar has a lot to do with her successful career as a mobile notary signing agent. In fact, she pushes her OnStar button so often she’s practically on a first-name basis with many OnStar Advisors.

“I travel about 200 miles every day,” she says. “My job takes me all over the place, and I am thrilled to have OnStar on board. Sometimes clients will try and give me long, drawn-out directions to their house, and I just politely interrupt and say, ‘Thank you, but I have OnStar.’”

A few of her favorite OnStar things

Michelle says OnStar Remote Access with the vehicle mobile app1 help make her daily travels seamless: “When I prepare for my appointments, I enter the address to my destination in the myGMC mobile app for my iPhone, and then I tell it to send the address to my car. When I start my car, it immediately gives me directions to where I'm going. It couldn't be easier."

She also finds the Turn-by-Turn updates helpful: “When the directions are downloaded, I’m given an estimated time of arrival and, as I’m driving to my destination, it lets me know how far away I am. So if I'm running late due to traffic, I can call my clients and let them know when to expect me. Talk about great customer service!”

And, at the end of a long day, she depends on Virtual Advisor: “I always have my home address saved in OnStar. That way, when I'm ready to head home from any point, I just press my OnStar button, say ‘Virtual Advisor,’ tell it ‘Take me home’ and I'm on my way.”

"I couldn’t live without Turn-by-Turn.”

But Michelle says OnStar hasn’t just been an invaluable tool to her business. “Having an integrated personal assistant and map reader at your fingertips whenever and wherever with a touch of a button is priceless,” she says. “But I also use Turn-by-Turn when I’m not working. I use it to find coffee shops, restaurants, banks, everything. When I pick up my daughter’s friends, a push of the button gets me to their houses fast and simple and the girls always giggle when they hear the directions coming through the speakers.”

Michelle had never used OnStar until she bought her 2011 GMC Acadia. A couple months later she moved with her family to Phoenix. “We drove across the country with several cars, my husband and kids, two dogs, a friend and my mother,” she says. “My daughter and I and the two dogs had the luxury of traveling in the car with OnStar. That’s when I realized how amazing it was. The Turn-by-Turn directions were completely accurate for all 2,500 miles we traveled. And I safely found hotels, restaurants and gas stations thanks to the great Advisors, who also got me through big cities like St. Louis and small cities like Flagstaff flawlessly. I can honestly say I’m thankful for OnStar every single day!”


  1. Requires data plan, compatible vehicle and compatible device. Some features require factory-installed remote start, power locks, Tire Pressure Monitoring System or active OnStar service.