OnStar Family Link Keeps Families Connected

Posted on September 14, 2016

Your daughter is going on a trip across country with a couple of friends. She’s never done anything like this before, and you are naturally a bit anxious. Wouldn’t it be a comfort if you could follow her trip progress? Or maybe your husband and kids are driving home from the family cabin several hours away and a severe weather alert has been issued. You’re concerned about road conditions and want to know where they are and when they should be arriving home.

Woman driving car with teenage girl in passenger seat and luggage in backseat.

For all of these situations, OnStar Family Link®1 lets you stay connected with your loved ones no matter where they drive. Here’s how it works:

• Vehicle Locate allows you to log in to the Family Link site at any time to view a map showing your vehicle’s location. Additional location details can be seen by hovering over the vehicle icon. You can also set up email or text message notifications to let you know the location of your vehicle. You can choose the day, time and frequency of the alerts.  An OnStar user name and password is required for access to the Family Link site, and only the Member with access can locate a vehicle or request alerts.

• Boundary Alert lets you receive email or text message notifications if the vehicle crosses boundaries that you’ve established through Family Link, so you know your vehicle is outside a designated area. 

• Destination/Arrival Alert can notify you via text message or email when the vehicle leaves or arrives at a specific destination, so you know when your loved ones depart from or arrive at that location.

Screen shot of map showing location of vehicle

Parents may also find Family Link helpful to stay connected with their teen drivers. They can make sure the family vehicle is parked where it’s supposed to be or check to see where the vehicle is as curfew time approaches. They can also use it to know if the vehicle leaves a specified area, or to know when it arrives safely at its destination.

Family Link can be added to any existing OnStar Plan for just $3.99 per month. And Family Link vehicle information is kept private so that only you and those you authorize will know the location of the vehicles on your OnStar account.