Taking Built‑in Wi‑Fi on the Road

Today’s connectivity landscape is rapidly changing. To keep you up to speed, OnStar has integrated a high-speed 4G LTE1 connection and a powerful Wi‑Fi® hotspot2 into the vehicle. So no matter where you travel, you’re never far from the things that matter to you.

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From the moment our feet hit the ground in the morning, many of us have already connected to a mobile device (raise your hand if your alarm clock is your phone).

Connectivity has become so integrated into our daily routines that we don’t realize how often we use it. To give you an idea, the average American spends 60 hours a week consuming content across their devices3 — that’s 8.5 hours a day! According to Brian Cooley, CNET Editor at Large, it’s not just a desire anymore; it’s a requirement.

Brian Cooley
CNET Editor at Large

We’re constantly connected now, and we have an expectation for that.

Given that 86% of Americans have Internet at home,4 it’s no surprise that we search for a full signal as we move about our day. Everything we need is now online — bank statements, travel itineraries, breaking news, vacation photos, favorite playlists, movies, magazines and books. We live in an endless world of knowledge and entertainment that we can tap into at anytime.


Digital Video Streaming; State of the Industry; 2014; from eMarketer

This integrated, uninterrupted connection is what Cooley refers to as “constant.” It’s around-the-clock access to our lives from any device, letting us do things like keep tabs on our home while we’re on vacation, stay in touch with friends across the globe, or get directions in a foreign country or to a neighborhood grocery store.

Integrated Is Now the Norm

Knocking down barriers has made connectivity irreplaceable, elevating it from a benefit to an essential part of life. As a result, Wi‑Fi capability has become standard in many public places — planes, hotels, restaurants, sporting arenas, shopping malls. Wherever we are, we think connectivity should be there too — including in our vehicles. Drive a vehicle equipped with a Wi‑Fi hotspot.

Brian Cooley
CNET Editor at Large

It allows you to do things you already wanted to do but couldn’t in the vehicle.

As you move from home to destination, OnStar 4G LTE1 offers a built‑in Wi‑Fi hotspot2 that helps keep your connections from being interrupted. Not only is it a stronger signal than a smartphone or mobile hotspot, the built‑in Wi‑Fi also runs at 4G LTE speed, so you can stream, post, blog and share with a fast and reliable connection. Enjoy all the benefits of staying connected.

The ultimate mobile connection

Advancing connectivity within the vehicle has redefined the way families travel. Gone are the days of scratched-up DVDs in the seat-back pocket or having to wait for a stronger signal before sharing your vacation photos. With the available built‑in OnStar Wi‑Fi hotspot, passengers have unlimited access to what they care about. See how you can use in-vehicle Wi‑Fi.

Meet a Wi‑Fi Family

Rico Norris, aka “Mr. Technology,” knows the importance of keeping his family connected. Hear how they use an OnStar 4G LTE Wi‑Fi hotspot to keep living the connected life they love while on the road.

With the ability to connect up to seven mobile devices at once to the built‑in Wi‑Fi hotspot, more connections can happen online and with one another. And once you reach your destination, the signal sticks with you for up to 50 feet away from the vehicle. This technology lets you leverage all of your mobile devices while on the go to create a ride that’s entertaining, educational and just plain easy. Calculate how much data you typically use.

How Will You Wi‑Fi?

See how a built‑in Wi‑Fi hotspot can bring your road trips and the daily run‑around to life. Drag and drop the icons below into the center circle to get some fun ideas for connecting with people and staying entertained in and around your vehicle.

While we all use connectivity differently, there is a general consensus — connectivity is here to stay. In 2014, the number of mobile devices being used officially outnumbered the world population of 7.1 billion people.5 Knowing the importance of staying connected out on the road, OnStar 4G LTE is available in more than 30 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac 2015 vehicles — more than all other car manufacturers combined. It hasn’t taken long for owners to realize the benefits of traveling with their personal built‑in Wi‑Fi hotspot.


With connectivity playing such a major role in our lives, the connected car is a natural evolution of how we travel. OnStar 4G LTE is at the forefront of this in-vehicle connectivity, offering a built‑in Wi‑Fi hotspot and the most comprehensive in-vehicle safety and connectivity system available. So in a world where we thrive on connections, make sure your vehicle isn’t an exception.

How Wi‑Fi keeps you connected on the road

Brian Cooley
CNET Editor at Large

Having a hotspot in the car basically lets all your devices behave as if you’re in your house.