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OnStar delivers high-speed services that empower you to connect with the things that matter, anywhere you are.

Connectivity is changing the way we live. The average American owns four mobile devices1 and uses them to do everything from control their home’s thermostat to binge watch their favorite shows and even to “go” grocery shopping. The latest device being integrated into our daily lives is the connected car, and once you experience a journey connected by OnStar 4G LTE,2 you’ll see the road ahead a lot differently.

Mile after mile, your drive is more connected than ever with a 4G LTE Wi‑Fi® hotspot3 for streaming content on mobile devices. Plus, Advisors are ready to assist if you need directions, experience a crash or need a quick answer when the check engine light comes on. The most powerful OnStar ever brings whatever you need, wherever you’re headed.

Take Wi‑Fi with you
out on the road

In a world where connectivity is part of our routine, why should the vehicle be an exception? With a built‑in vehicle Wi‑Fi hotspot, you can move from home to work to anywhere without being disconnected. Passengers can use up to seven mobile devices at once to surf, download, stream, post and game their way through any journey at 4G LTE speed. Uninterrupted is the only way to travel.

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How connectivity is advancing safety technology

Vehicle safety has progressed leaps and bounds. Current preventative technology such as blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning continue to advance thanks to in-vehicle connectivity. Impactful solutions such as Injury Severity Prediction from OnStar are helping deliver better care to those in a crash while also showing manufacturers how vehicle safety can be improved.

Connectivity can save time during a crash.
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Vehicles have joined the
“self‑health” trend

Now you can drive a vehicle that’s equipped to run its own checkups and collect and analyze data to send you alerts in real time. It’s like a fitness app that monitors your steps, heart rate and calories, but instead keeps an eye on key vehicle systems such as air bags, engine and transmission and more. Knowing more means you get to worry less and enjoy the road ahead.

Drive a self‑diagnosing vehicle that can alert you when maintenance is needed.
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