Good Samaritan Calls for Help After Witnessing Crash

Posted on March 21, 2012

Dave Hayati was driving his 2011 GMC Sierra on I-75 in Michigan when he saw a car behind him lose control, flip on its side and land in a ditch.

“I heard this noise behind me and watched in my rearview mirror as the car bounced off the cement median and came back across all three lanes of the freeway.” Dave says. “It was a busy Sunday night and my wife, Darlene, and I were amazed that it didn’t hit any other cars.”

Dave Hayati and his wife, Darlene

Stunned by what he saw, Dave immediately pulled over on the shoulder of the freeway. “Darlene started looking for her phone to call 911, but then I remembered OnStar and asked her to push the button instead,” he says. “I knew that OnStar would know what to do.”

Dave knew that OnStar would be able to find their exact location — important because they couldn’t be sure of where they were at that point — and would know whom to alert and send to the crash.

“We put it in OnStar’s hands and they took care of it,” adds Dave.

While Darlene stayed on the line with the Advisor until first responders arrived, Dave walked back to the car to see if he could help. “I tried to get the door open to get the driver out but it was jammed. There was debris all over the highway. It was a pretty messy scene and cars were screaming past us on the highway. Another guy stopped— he turned out to be a firefighter — and together we managed to get the door open. That’s when the police and ambulance arrived.

“In hindsight it was pretty scary — I didn’t know if the car would explode or what. But when you find yourself in a situation like that you just want to do something to help.”

That night, when he got home, Dave wrote a letter to OnStar. “I was pretty impressed with how they handled it,” he says. “Up until then, I’d only used OnStar to get directions and I made a couple Hands-Free calls. But this showed me what they really can do. My Sierra came with six months of OnStar service, but I think I might be keeping it for awhile.”