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“Knowing that there was somebody on the other end of the OnStar button was such a relief.” — Greg Heist

Every car needs service from time to time. But regular maintenance can help prevent problems before they start. That’s why OnStar has so many ways to help you manage and maintain your vehicle.

It all starts with OnStar’s Advanced Diagnostics,1 which can self-diagnose problems to give you peace of mind on the road. Proactive Alerts2 can help predict potential issues and send real-time alerts, while Dealer Maintenance Notification can help keep your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule. Diagnostic Alert provides you with real-time or monthly diagnostic reports about your vehicle’s condition, so you know your car is properly maintained. And OnStar Smart Driver3 can help you become a more efficient driver and prevent wear and tear on your car. When you add it all up, OnStar can help you keep your vehicle on the road with more money in your pocket.

When problems do arise, we can help. OnStar’s Remote Access services are now featured on your MyChevrolet, MyBuick, MyCadillac or MyGMC app, so you’ll never have to worry about locking your keys in the car again. And if you do have issues while you’re out on the road, simply press the blue button to connect with an OnStar Advisor who can help.

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