Ashley Haynes happily leans against her recovered Chevrolet Cruze.
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“It was mind-blowing how fast OnStar was able to find my car!” — Ashley Haynes

Having your vehicle stolen can be one of the worst experiences of your life. But with OnStar, it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine this scenario: You’re a car thief looking for an easy mark. You find a target sitting out in the open with nobody around. A few seconds later, you’re on your way. Another successful heist — or was it? The police cruisers are suddenly in your rearview mirror, lights flashing. How could they find you so fast?

That’s OnStar at work. Once a theft has been reported, authorities can be quickly notified of your car’s GPS location, updated in real time. OnStar Theft Alarm Notification1 informs you when your car alarm goes off, and Remote Ignition Block™2 means that once the car is turned off, it can no longer be restarted. And if the thief is in a chase, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown®2 allows an OnStar Advisor to send a remote signal to gradually slow the vehicle when the authorities feel it is safe to do so.

These tools have already helped us provide Stolen Vehicle Assistance2 more than 26,000 times, including to people like Ashley Haynes, a college student whose stolen car was recovered and returned the same day.

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