Subscriber John Talbot standing next to his truck.
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“OnStar takes away the hassle of dealing with my GPS when I’m on the road.” — John Talbot

Most of us have a GPS in our car, and nearly all of us have one in our pocket. But only OnStar makes it so simple to get where you need to be.

Simply push the blue OnStar button and tell the Advisor where you’re going, and within seconds, your Turn-by-Turn directions will be downloaded directly to your car.1 Instead of having to fuss with your GPS, you’ll be connected to a real human being who can help you get there — even if you don’t know exactly where you’re headed.

That was a lifesaver for John Talbot, whose job kept him on the road for hundreds of miles every week, often heading out to places with inaccurate or nonexistent addresses. But since John was able to speak with an Advisor to work out directions, he always got where he needed to be.

And Marketplace2 can help you find valuable offers at stores and restaurants along your route — and when you need it, even a hotel room for the night.

 With OnStar, you’ll always get where you need to be. Find out how or manage your account.

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