Get Connected to OnStar — at No Cost

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Jenna Bell enjoys the perks of OnStar connectivity. She’s not only in control of her vehicle at all times through her vehicle's mobile app,1 but she’s also learning important maintenance information from the Advanced Diagnostics2 report.

“The best part is knowing things like oil life,” Jenna says. “It had been 3,000 miles since the last change, but the report told me I had 70% oil life remaining. I emailed the dealer, who said my vehicle uses a different kind of oil that lasts longer. So the report saved me money.”

Like Jenna, you deserve to be connected. And you don’t have to own the newest model car to have the latest in-vehicle technology. OnStar offers two connectivity trials for OnStar-equipped vehicles that have inactive service.

You Deserve to Be Connected

Select the model year of your vehicle

Get 3 Years of Connectivity at No Cost

If you drive an eligible 2011 or newer pre-owned vehicle equipped with OnStar, you can get 3 years of connectivity3 to:

  • Select features of the vehicle mobile app1 through OnStar Remote Access: Remotely start your vehicle (if factory installed), send a destination to your in-vehicle navigation screen, and lock or unlock your doors — all from your smartphone. Not just near your vehicle, but anywhere you have a wireless connection.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Every month, your vehicle can run a check of your engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more and email you the results in your Diagnostics Report. You can relax knowing your vehicle is checking up on itself and updating you on a regular basis. Plus, Diagnostic Alerts help take the guesswork out of day-to-day vehicle maintenance by informing you of any immediate vehicle issues.
  • Dealer Maintenance Notification: Is it time for an oil change? A 60,000-mile checkup? You'll always know because OnStar will email your vehicle Diagnostics Report to your dealer or preferred service professional, and the dealer will contact you to set up a service appointment.

You'll receive a 3-month trial of all OnStar services when you push your blue button. After your trial ends, Emergency, Security and Navigation services are available with a paid service plan.

Get 3 Months on Us

You can experience the full suite of OnStar services in a 2006 or newer vehicle with 3 Months on Us — a no obligation trial of all our OnStar services. Learn more about all OnStar services below.

To activate 3 Months on Us, push your blue OnStar button and speak with an Advisor.

To activate, push your blue OnStar button and speak with an Advisor.

You can also start the process here, but you will need your vehicle’s VIN.


See all the OnStar services.

vehicle manager
Emergency Advisor


From automatic help in a crash to helping you repair a flat tire, our Advisors are ready to help in your time of need.

Service features include Automatic Crash Response,5 Crisis Assist and Roadside Assistance.6

Police Recovery


We can help protect your vehicle from being stolen and work with authorities to get it back quickly and safely if it falls into the wrong hands.

Service features include Stolen Vehicle Slowdown,7 Theft Alarm Notification7 and Remote Ignition Block.

Passenger Using Navigation


Guiding you every step of the way with easy-to-follow voice commands — including directions to valuable offers along your route.

Service features include Turn-by-Turn Navigation8 and Marketplace.9

Man Using Computer


From remotely controlling your vehicle using the vehicle's mobile app to an in-vehicle Wi‑Fi® hotspot, you’ve never been more connected while on the road.

Service features include 4G LTE connection10 and available in-vehicle Wi‑Fi hotspot.11

Persom Using Vehicle Manager Mobile App

Vehicle Manager

Stay up-to-date on your vehicle’s health with real-time Diagnostic Alerts, and see if you qualify for insurance discounts with OnStar Smart Driver.

Service features include Advanced Diagnostics,12 OnStar Smart Driver,13 Remote Access14 and Location Manager.15