Stay Connected and in Control with Your Vehicle Mobile App

Posted on June 14, 2012

Woman tapping a button on her smartphone on her myGMC app.

Jenna Bell loves her vehicle mobile app.1 “Setting up the app on my smartphone was easy,” she says. “It was just like downloading any other app and it ‘found’ my vehicle quickly and easily. I couldn’t believe that after less than five minutes, my phone was talking to my vehicle and getting information from it.”

Empowering her with much more than remote start, the vehicle mobile app gives Jenna 24/7 access to her vehicle so she can:

  • Check the vehicle status: Real-time information including fuel range, remaining gallons, lifetime MPG, the oil life and current tire pressure2 is conveniently collected in one tab.
  • Get her bearings: With Vehicle Locate3 she can pinpoint her car’s exact location on a map and send Turn-by Turn4 directions to the in-dash navigation system (if equipped).
  • Utilize a powerful key fob5: Remotely start the vehicle,6 lock/unlock doors and activate horn and lights from just about anywhere.
  • Manage the Wi-Fi®7 hotspot settings: If the vehicle is equipped with OnStar 4G LTE,7 Jenna can easily personalize the network name and password, turn the hotspot on and off and see data usage from her phone.
  • Stay hands-free: Keep track of how many Hands-Free-Calling8 minutes are remaining and the date when her plan expires.
  • Connect with an Advisor: Need help? She’s just a tap away from an OnStar Advisor, Roadside Assistance9 or her preferred dealer.

“So far for me, the best part has definitely been the info screen that tells you things like oil life, tire pressure and fuel level,” Jenna says. “It actually saved me a lot of money when I first got the app. I downloaded it right around the time I was approaching 3,000 miles, the point where you typically need an oil change. But when I downloaded the app, it told me that I had 70% oil life remaining. I emailed the dealer, who told me that my vehicle uses a different kind of oil that lasts much longer than the typical 3,000 miles.

“I was able to wait until about 10,000 miles to get my oil changed. That saved a ton of money. I never would have known this without the vehicle mobile app. The more I use it, the more I love it.”

What's in a password?

While your connected world is safe and secure with OnStar 4G LTE, the 8-16 characters that help safeguard your personal information are still key players in online security. Before you download the vehicle mobile app, let’s talk about how to create a password that’s harder to crack than royal guards.

First, remember that some of the most common password mistakes aren’t necessarily using Fido’s name, but from choosing a predictable composition.10 Are you a creature of any of these habits?

  • Starting with an uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters.
  • When a password isn’t long enough, adding a letter or two to the base word.
  • When a special character is required, using “!” at the end.

Then, the next time you create an online gatekeeper, try one of these tricks10:

  • Avoid using an uppercase letter — or maybe even any letter — at the beginning of your password.
  • Create an acronym from a memorable sentence (Example: “Try to crack my latest password, I dare you” = t2cmlp,Idy).
  • Use multiple special characters in the same password.
  • Don’t always place digits adjacent to each other.

Not feeling creative? Use a password generator to keep your information well protected.